This Project is one of the biggest scientific and technological challenges and GRUPO INMAPA its very proud to take part of this exciting project.

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), is a large-scale experiment that tries to produce fusion plasma which has ten times more thermal power than the power needed to heat the plasma.

Fusion is the source of energy that powers the Sun and Stars , under extreme pressure and temperature conditions prevails in the core of these stellar bodies, hydrogen cores are crashed and fused to form atoms of helium and release considerable amounts of energy in the process. In every possible fusion reaction, the reaction between deuterium and tritium (two isotopes of hydrogen) is the most accessible in the current state of our technology.

ITER is based on the concept of magnetic confinement and comes from a Soviet design called a ‘tokamak’, in which plasma is contained in a toroidal-shaped vacuum chamber.

Our contribution has been the manufacture of parts for this camera.